Should You Be Concerned If You Have Moss on Your Roof?

If moss is currently growing on your roof, you might be worried. And the truth is that you should be worried any time that moss starts showing up on your roof. Moss is known to grow on roofs that are located in damp, shady areas, so if you have a roof that fits this description,… Read more »

Do Roofs Need to Vent?

Is your roof vented properly? Unless you have experienced an issue with your roof or attic recently, there’s a good chance that you don’t have the slightest clue what type of ventilation exists in the top layer of your home. However, that could be a problem, since inadequate ventilation in some roofing can cause problems…. Read more »

Telltale Signs That You Need to Replace Your Gutters

The gutters on your home serve a very important purpose. They prevent water from pooling up on your roof or around the foundation of your house. So if you have gutters that are old or gutters that aren’t functioning properly, it may be time to replace them. Here are some of the signs that will… Read more »

Situations that Could Lead to Unexpected Roof Repairs

If you have a roof on your home that’s on the older side, then you should probably plan on doing repairs to it at some point. There are going to be steps you will have to take to maintain your roof so that it continues to protect your home. Nevertheless, even if your roof isn’t… Read more »